Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of 42 Financial Services. Our approach is based on long-term support for non-profit organisations that distribute aid in a transparent and targeted manner. In 2018, we were honoured to establish the 42 FS Foundation Fund. The purpose of this foundation fund is to support people with long-term illnesses, helping them to maintain a dignified standard of living.

We are proud to have the opportunity to support organizations that make great efforts towards charitable activities.

National Institute for Autism, z.ú. The mission of NAUTIS is to support people with autism spectrum disorder and those around them to make their lives better. Through a lifelong support system, NAUTIS provides services to people with autism so that they can learn, enjoy life and work. So that they can be as independent and happy as possible and so that they and their families can live fulfilled lives.

Good Angel is a foundation that helps families with children in the Czech Republic who have fallen into a difficult situation due to a serious illness. The aim of the GOOD ANGEL system is for families of the sick to receive regular monthly financial assistance of several thousand crowns. The money is used to cover expenses related to treatment or the normal running of the household. When a serious illness occurs in a family, it is often accompanied by a break in the employment of one of the parents. The family's financial situation changes almost from one day to the next.

Dogpoint o. p. s. helps abandoned and abused dogs find homes and prepare them for a "new" life. The shelter provides temporary shelter for these dogs, takes them in  and helps them with resocialization and preparation for integration into new families. Dogpoint brings together a group of passionate professionals who understand dogs in need and can care for them properly.


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